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Full-time Positions Available

This opportunity is for counseling professionals with three years of post-licensure experience who are interested in building a practice in an outpatient counseling facility.
  • Outpatient counseling includes: interviewing patients, providing counseling, psychotherapy, and case management with third-party payers

  • Full time (35 hours or more) weekly clinical time

  • Prepare and complete all necessary treatment plans and documentation in a timely manner

  • Prepare reports for third parties

  • Schedule patients as needed

  • Collect fees from patients as needed

  • Assist in maintaining proper relations with referral sources
    As an Outpatient Counselor, you will be part of a group and are expected to participate in any clinical and staff training, or gatherings

  • As an Outpatient Counselor, you must have a minimum Masters's degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Counseling Psychology. You need to be independently licensed in the State of Arizona, carry your own malpractice insurance. Being on third party insurance panels is helpful

  • The office is located in Mesa, AZ. Serving the East Metro Area of Phoenix, AZ

FAQs for Interested Outpatient Counselors

What is San Tan Counseling?

San Tan Counseling is an outpatient counseling facility. We provide outpatient counseling services to a work or high functioning general population of clients. Most of our clientele have access to insurance benefits or the ability to pay for counseling services.

What is an Independent Contractor?

San Tan Counseling helps the interested practitioner in managing the business side of private practice. San Tan Counseling will provide a receptionist, answer phone calls, take demographic and client information, verify insurance benefits, schedule the patient, and do the billing and collections. It is an effort to let counselors do what they do best — counseling!

What other benefits will I have as an Independent Contractor at San Tan Counseling?

You will have access to a phone, internet service, computers, office furnishing (if needed), San Tan Counseling staff support, phone messages, business cards, after-hour coverage, clinical staff consultation, team meetings, and opportunities for practice development.

What does San Tan Counseling consider Full Time and Part Time work?

As an outpatient counselor full time is having 35 clinical available hours. Part-time is having 25 clinical available hours.

Will I have flexibility in my schedule?

Yes. San Tan Counseling lets you (and San Tan Counseling staff) effectively manage your appointment schedule using Kareo™, a networked EMR (electronic medical record) software package. Kareo™ will allow you to see a time that you have set aside, and appointments that are filled in real-time. It will also allow you to change and manipulate it from any computer that has internet access.

What will Kareo™ do for me?

Kareo™, is designed to be an all-encompassing paperless file management system. Not only will it manage your schedule, but it keeps patient files and clinical notes. One of the nice features is that you will not have to carry files, but can access them from any computer that has internet capability. Of course, it is HIPAA compliant and secure.

What are the basic requirements to be in private practice at San Tan Counseling?

There are probably many things to give consideration to, but you will need to have your appropriate professional license with full privileges to practice mental health therapy in the State of Arizona. In addition, you will be required to have your own malpractice liability insurance and have three years of post-licensure experience.

How does billing and collections work?

San Tan Counseling is responsible for insurance billing, patient statements, and collections. If you are going to develop a practice with insurance-based referrals, you will have to “apply" to insurance panels. Please be aware that to get on enough panels to support a private practice takes anywhere from six to nine months.

The biggest challenge is being patient as your practice grows and also managing the ups and downs of each pay period.

How will I get paid?

San Tan Counseling Independent Contractors receive money based on earnings collected. Your contracted rate with San Tan Counseling will be a percentage of your total earnings. San Tan Counseling disbursement is every other Friday.

How can I work with San Tan Counseling?

Email resumes and cover letters to, and/or

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