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Therapy Session

Individual Counseling

Being able to systematically and psychologically understand why we do what we do is helpful! Individual counseling is effective for a variety of interpersonal topics. Some might be depression, anxiety, work or family relationships, life development transitions, addictions, and chemical or alcohol addictions. Whatever is creating stress or disturbance in your life – San Tan Counseling creates a space of hope!

Marriage & Family
Holding Hands

Marriage & Family

Some of our greatest challenges seem to happen in what should be the closest relationships we have. Many people think of counseling as a last resort. Typically, individuals, couples, and families seek help when they feel they can no longer deal with troubling issues. Whether it is core marriage issues, or larger family relationship issues, at San Tan counseling we have classes, groups, or individual counseling services to meet your needs. There is hope!

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